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Safety Tips

To maximize the use of your gas fires appliances and ensure safety, please observe the following SAFETY TIPS DO's

  1. Make sure that all taps on the appliance are turned off before you turn on its isolating valve.

  2. Keep the area near the gas appliance connection free of clutter.

  3. Clean up after each use. Accumulated grease and spillovers can cause a fire.

  4. Close the isolation valve when gas appliances will not be used for long periods,
    especially if you're going on a holiday.

  5. Replace your LPG hose when needed.

  6. Carry out the soap sud test if you suspect a gas leak. Dissolve enough soap in water to create bubbles. Apply solution to the hose and/or pipe that leads to your gas appliance using a sponge. Observe for bubbles caused by escaping gas. Watch video below.

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