About Bonifacio Gas

Company Profile

Bonifacio Gas Corporation (BGC) was incorporated on November 12, 1998. The company was formed to build and operate an underground pipeline network that will provide a centralized gas distribution system within the Bonifacio Global City, in support of Fort Bonifacio Development Corp.’s (FBDC) corporate credo of creating a globally-competitive metropolis and to ensure the provision of world-class utilities, including piped gas. A centralized gas distribution system is, therefore, a necessary support infrastructure for the Bonifacio Global City. Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corp. was chosen as the joint venture partner of FBDC in this endeavour because of Shell’s experience in doing piped gas installations in the Philippines, as well as in other industrialized countries.

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Bonifacio Gas Corporation Corporate Vision (Our 2020 Vision)

To be Southeast Asia’s standard of a complete, world-class gas utility company and the country’s standard for utility companies, providing solutions based on an intimate understanding of the consumers’ needs for cooking, heating, air-conditioning and automotive energy that are reliable, convenient, safe, economical and environmentally-friendly.

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Bonifacio Gas Corporation Corporate Mission

We are a partnership between Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation (FBDC) and Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation (PSPC) who believe in the clean energy of gas to fuel the country’s sustainable development.

Our mission is to create a gas utility company, initially to service the Bonifacio Global City, that will become world-class in gas standards, widely accepted and essential to any modern metropolis in the country and the standard of utility companies in the Philippines. To accomplish this:

We will install and operate a modern and safe network of gas pipes and facilities to ensure the best service in areas we will serve and at high safety and environmental standards that will become the benchmark for energy utilities.

We will offer complete energy solutions to developers and customers by forming strategic and professional partnerships with suppliers, contractors and equipment manufacturers.

We will anticipate our customers’ needs and serve them at a level beyond expectations on our products and related appliances, through a responsive, friendly, modern and competent Customer Assistance Centre.

We will build a culture of excellence, diversity, continuous learning and innovation, and personal growth and well-being amongst our staff.

We will protect our shareholders investments and provide them with sustainable and acceptable returns.

In everything we do, we will be guided by the values shared by FBDC and Shell to our customers, stakeholders and the country’s future.

Initially, the Company’s objective is to construct a reticulation network and strategically located tank farm/s to enable safe and efficient distribution of piped gas to the end users of the global city. In the future, it will also extend its network to areas outside of the global city. To help promote the sales of piped gas and as an auxiliary business, the company has joined forces with reputable suppliers / dealers of efficient and tested gas-fired appliances and offer premium packages to the end users. The company, therefore, aims to introduce and promote both the traditional and non-traditional uses of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). Initially, concentration will be focused on cooking, air-conditioning, heating and clothes drying applications. In the future, the automotive application of LPG will also be explored.

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Bonifacio Gas Corporation Customer Commitment

Bonifacio Gas Corporation is a world-class gas-utility provider that is committed to elevating the standards on safety, infrastructure and operations. We are working towards ensuring that these are at par with those of similar businesses in developed countries. We are determined to keep customer satisfaction a priority and maintain our position as the benchmark of other piped-gas operators in the country.

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Bonifacio Gas Corporation Service Areas

Bonifacio Gas Corporation is the exclusive piped gas-utility provider, supplying and distributing Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) within the Bonifacio Global City. Backed up by the expertise and experience of Shell, Bonifacio Gas uses an extensive 8 kilometer global standards based piped gas facility to deliver LPG throughout the Global City. Bonifacio Gas Corporation currently services households and commercial establishments inside the Global City.

After the success and acceptance of piped-in LPG, Bonifacio Gas have expanded its operations outside Bonifacio Global City. Bonifacio Gas is currently supplying and managing the piped-in gas of the commercial establishments in Eastwood City Walk.

Bonifacio Gas is seeking to further expand its operations outside these areas. Currently, The company has on-going negotiations with major property developers within Metro Manila.

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2/F Bonifacio Technology Center 31st Street corner 2nd Avenue Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila