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Benefits and Advantages of piped gas

Among the many major competitive benefits for developers and locators in the Global City is access to the Philippines’ largest and state-of-the-art direct to property piped gas system.

Choices and world class competitive energy service alternatives represent one more compelling reason for residents and all manner of business establishments to consider where to locate. Availability of an alternative energy such as the convenient piped-gas, provides property developers with a key competitive advantage. Aside from reducing end user energy costs by up to 40% (vis-à-vis electricity), your customers will enjoy an on-demand, safe and reliable supply of LPG serviced by an established utility provider.

Bonifacio Gas Corporation is an expert in supplying and distributing Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) via a centralized piped-in system within the Bonifacio Global City. Backed up by the expertise and experience of Shell, Bonifacio Gas uses an extensive 8 kilometer global standards based piped gas facility to deliver LPG throughout the Global City. Bonifacio Gas Corporation currently services over 800 households and commercial establishments inside the Global City.

Benefits and Advantages of Piped–in LPG

Safe supply of LPG

Gas presence on-site is minimized. LPG can expand to form the vapour equivalent to 250 times of its liquid volume when vented into the atmosphere. With Bonifacio Gas’ centralized distribution system, LPG is made available to all establishments in its vapour form. The eliminating of storing liquid LPG inside a residential unit or restaurant makes piped-in LPG safer to use.

Convenience and reliability

Customers of Bonifacio Gas enjoy 24x7 supply of LPG and never have to purchase LPG in cylinders that are more cumbersome to manage that piped-in gas. LPG is available on demand similar to one’s electrical and water supply. Through the piped-in gas network of Bonifacio Gas, LPG users are always assured of their continuous supply of the fuel.

Cost and Space Savings

Users enjoy savings in more ways than one with the use of Bonifacio Gas’ piped-in LPG. Here’s how and why :

Get your money’s worth. With piped-in LPG, customers only pay for what they’ve consumed based on monthly meter readings. They do not need to check the weight of the cylinders every time they make a purchase. More importantly, they do not have to pay for the unused gas residuals that get left in the cylinders.

Enjoy energy cost savings. The piped-in gas system of Bonifacio Gas helps reduce energy costs. Unlike electricity (a secondary form of energy obtained from energy sources like diesel, coal and other fuels), LPG is a lot cheaper. The efficiency of the system also contributes to lower monthly energy costs.

Save on space. Users never have to think about allocating space for bulky LPG tanks and spares.

Environment Friendly

Just as users are assured of safety, so is the environment. More environmentally friendly than electricity generated by fuel oils or coal, LPG is the underrated energy alternative. The clean fuel produces less carbon dioxide than other widely-available fuels. LPG produces only five per cent of the greenhouse gases generated by electricity, according to studies. Moreover, it has a low emission of toxic air contaminants


Bonifacio Gas’ piped-in gas offers a number of new beneficial possibilities for its customers. The use of LPG is not limited to cooking anymore. More innovative applications, such as LPG-fueled boiler system, LPG-fueled air conditioning and heating systems, LPG primary or back-up power generation, and the LPG heated swimming pool (to name a few), are being enjoyed by users connected to the Bonifacio Gas network.

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